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Google Launched a New Feature in Webmaster Tool Called Manual Actions

Now, everyone is well aware of the new updates and about Google Webspam team that is continuously working on SEO algorithm to remove the spamming from the web to make it more effective and result-oriented. We have already read about many updates like panda, penguin, exact match domain and over optimization. For the reason of changes in SEO algorithm, the fact cannot be denied that internet marketing is affected that has resulted in a major downfall in the ranking of websites that were earlier ranking top in SERPs. However, webmasters, SEO experts and internet marketing experts tried and applied various techniques and strategies, but result was the same. Keeping the same in mind, and with an aim to provide the best solutions to website owners, Google launches a new tool that is called disavow tool. Being a very useful tool to remove the bad links by which your website is affected, Disavow tool brings you numerous added benefits. With the help of the tool, you can visit the link to read more about disavow tool.

Why Google Launched Manual Actions?

The day of 8th August 2013 was good one for SEO experts as it gave them reasons for smile. On the aforementioned date, Google team has updated an article related to Manual Action on Google webmaster central blog you know that mostly webmasters was confused and saying that we are manually penalized by Google. In order to get good solutions and recovery, they have been sending reconsider request to Google Webspam to find out the reasons that are the main culprits behind the downfall in ranking. One who has been affected and not sending mail to webspam team, Google has come up with a new feature to Webmaster Tools that is known as the Manual Actions. This feature is designed to show webmasters information about when Google’s manual webspam team has taken manual action that directly affects their site’s ranking in the search engine or not. You can read more about this from

It is the right way that shows webmaster the piece of information about the action taken by the Google’s manual web spam team that directly have an effect on their sites’ ranking in search engine ranking pages. It is easy as you have to make a click on “Manual Action” in Search Traffic in Webmaster Tools. However, it is not necessary that your website has been penalized. Therefore, it is important to see a message saying “No Manual Webspam Actions Found”. The message is disclosed, if Google hasn’t taken any action against your site due to spam/duplicate and poor quality content or any other reason.

At the same time, Google also notes that only less than 2% of domains are manually removed for webspam. Here, what is more important is the visibility of partial match that means the action applies only to a specific section of any site. Now, the main that comes on forefront and that is the problem that webmaster have with other people leaving spam. In this way, webmaster can short out the issue and at the same time restore forum rankings on Google along with improving the experience for their users.
After correcting the violation of Google’s quality guidelines, next thing is the reconsideration. Here, you can check your website for manual action and at the same time request reconsideration only if there is a manual action applied to site.

Hire a Leading SEO Company in India to Get the Benefits of Google’s New Features in Webmaster Tool Called Manual Actions

There is no denying the fact that there are numerous SEO services websites and companies that have been penalized by Google due to various reasons. However, after understanding the main issue and getting the benefits of new feature of Google, they have recovered them to a great level. If your website – no matter the theme, has been penalized or it has lost its good ranking and traffic, then you are advised to search for a reliable and popular agency that can help you in recover website ranking trough the new webmaster tool “Manual Actions”.

Written by Deepa Sharma