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Email Marketing

Email Marketing – Paving the Way for Impressive Identity

How to make people aware of your services matters a lot in this competitive market. No matter – what is your business domain? What matters a lot is the right approach and making people aware of your services. Today, rather than spending time in print marketing campaigns, getting affordable and effective Email marketing services will be the right decision to manifold your revenue and move on the way of popularity and success. We at SEO Softech India – an online wing of Tycoon Softech Pvt Ltd are well aware of the increasing importance of well-strategic E-mail marketing.

With SEO Softech India, you will take your business promotion and marketing upsurge significantly. Allotment of your ideas, firming customer relationship, boosting brand awareness and doing e-mail marketing for targeted people are some added services offered by us. We do email marketing manually and using latest tools to move your business name to next level of popularity. Right from building lists to designing impressive emails, using impressive words to attract people and sending your business message along with tracking them are some added services provided by us through well-strategic email marketing.

Being a buzzword for successful marketing, it has gained immense popularity. Now, it won’t be wrong to say that E-mail marketing has been leading the way of marketing and advertising.

Why Us?

We have employed experienced and skilled email marketing experts who keep them updated with latest techniques and strategies to deliver you the best services. Our email marketing experts provides you the following services:

  • Creating informative, impressive and easy to understand newsletters
  • Searching for genuine email addresses or getting them through various sources (paid as well)
  • Developing and then managing the email list (unlimited)
  • Email tracking and real time survey to get the best results
  • Message scheduling, list management and cohesive surveys
  • Easy to manage and use email editor with newsletter archive
  • Impressive and successful personalization of videos with signup forms

There are a number of added services and solutions provided by us to make e-mail marketing successful and effective. Choice is yours; it depends on your package, we can send millions of email in a month through various modes with scheduling marketing campaigns.

We offer affordable packages that will go well with your budget and services. Come to us and get the maximum benefits of our E-mail marketing services.