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After Google Penguin 2.1 Updates Who Really Got Hit?

As per official reports, after Google Penguin 2.1 updates several search results are coming wrong. Google Penguin is the favorite aquatic bird which is now back and now all the website owners are enquiring how the 2.1 version has precisely affected their site. Glenn Gabe at G-Squared Interactive has evaluated 26 sites impacted by the change to evaluate what facts have contributed to websites that got hit, just as he did with the 1.0 and 2.0 versions.

Glenn, who has carefully analyzed more than 275 websites that have been hit by Penguin, reports that Google Penguin 2.1 had a huge impact than its predecessor made. After Google Penguin 2.1 updates several things have affected the websites.

Why the websites were hit?

Shockingly, Google Penguin 2.1 seems to have recognized brand new link spam that has been created after the Penguin roll-out in the month of May.

The culprits according to Glenn are:

  • Forum spam – This comprises in the comments in all the forums with precise match anchor text back links
  • Forum bio spam – This includes biographies of users containing precise match anchor text back links
  • Do Follow blogs – Blogs that don’t really add it to the posted links
  • Blogroll spam – Check out for blogroll back links gone wrong
  • Spammy directories – In case you are using spam directories earlier on then you might be in problem
  • Blog comment signature spam – Google certainly seems to be precisely targeting the links even if they aren’t followed.

Gabe even spotted a brand new culprit in this whole process: classified sites that show up heavy unnatural links that might lead to destination sites. He even said that shockingly, he has himself seen some proofs of negative Search engine optimization rearing its ugly head during this version. Several businesses are looking suspicious and this is why Google is taking steps to better the user experience of the clients who are functioning with honesty.
Tips and Recovery Recommendations

According to Gabe, the important thing to do here is to know the right way to deal with the updates. Creating a suitable plan becomes quite essential in this regard. The pages which look like spam should be instantly removed.

The top recommendations include:

  • One needs to carefully understand the fact that Google Penguin targets the unnatural links and so you need to add fresh content.
  • One should even analyze the link profile. This is exactly what the Penguin targets.
  • You got to carefully remove all the unnatural links so that you are able to get high quality search engine results.
  • You need to be very fast and aggressive in order to stay ahead in the competition.

These are some of the things that one needs to know about this topic. You got to be very careful while generating some fine results.

Written by Deepa Sharma