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17 Unimportant SEO Strategies You Need to Avoid, plus Future-Proof SEO Tactics

The world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ever-evolving and always changing combination of techniques. With Google updating its search algorithms on a regular basis, which can be deemed as “the rule keeping change”, using practices that are very old no longer going to cut it. Things such as loading your articles with key phrases or using Article submission on Ezine in order to increase page ranks is a thing of the past. Quantity on its own is worthless but quality truly is the name of the game now. Only few seo companies in India are successful in search engine optimization market which provides the quality seo services for customers.

Below are 17 unimportant SEO strategies to Stop Using and 7 future strategies you ought to definitely be using.

On-Page SEO Tactics that are Worthless

    1. Writing Short Web Content — Until recently, you could churn out a steady volume of article in 300-word range and rank them in Google. According to a recent study the pages ranking on the Google first page should have more than 2,000 words of web content.

    2. Avoid Keyword Stuffing – Erst, it was very beneficial SEO tactics, but that is not the case now. Those of you stuffing phrases in title tag, content body, and heading tags stop it now!

    3. Keyword Focused Web Content – Keep in mind when you would read a web page stuffed with keywords at 5% density? That is gratefully no more. You ought to keep your Key phrase density around 3% or less for perfect results.

    4. Listing a Ton of Meta Key Phrases– Meta tag key phrases used to be crucial but is typically worthless now. I don’t recommend using the key phrase Meta tag on your web pages.

    5. Leaving un-optimized image files – Once upon a time, you could neglect the image files on your online portal and still rank them without alt text to increase your page relevancy. On-page Search Engine Optimization is more crucial than ever so leaving un-optimized image files.

    6. Haphazard Internal Linking – Internal linking is possible via numerous approaches and it is still a strong signal for Search Engine Optimization. If you are simply randomly linking web pages, you have to avoid it and create a proper internal linking method.

    7. Cloaking – It is not as worst in some particular cases, however still a black hat strategy. This does not perform very well in 2014.

    8. Hidden Text – It is another black hat strategy. The effect of this technique is that the actual key phrase is virtually worthless now, and invisible text is likely to get your online portal banned from the Google instead of helping it!

    9. Keyword Rich Site wide Footer Links –If you are using site wide links to get ranking then remove because now algorithm has been changed. These types of links are not effective in seo 2014. Now, it is worthless and could drop in rankings.

    10. Doorway Pages – As worst as some SEO technique could ever be. Like the other black hat practices above, this method has passed as well.


    1. Stop forum profiles links and garbage blog comments
    2. Low quality Guest post on exact match keywords links
    3. Low quality Directories on exact match keywords links
    4. Low Quality bookmarking on exact match keywords links
    5. Stop Article submission
    6. Don’t make rich Anchor text Links
    7. Don’t take Non Relevant Links

Future-Proof SEO Tactics

    1. Be sure your on page search engine optimization is solid. Check for short content web pages, avoid web pages that offer no value or little users, and identify and solve any coding issues on online portal to ensure faster load times.

    2. Find quality online portals that are relevant to your portal and submit stellar and quality content to them. Once you have published a post on an authority online portal, link to that web post from other similar guest posts. It will enable you to build exceedingly white hat tiered and powerful links to your online portal.

    3. Get social media: For a while, social networking site was greatly debated over its capability to boost rankings. Social media offer a plenty of opportunities for online business. If you have been still waiting, now is the best time to act. Start with Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

    4. Quality, perfect quality, more quality! Whenever you submit a post, leave a comment online or write for another online site that could be the true and first impression a potential customer will have of your online business. Sharing only perfect web content is firm to make it a perfect one.

    5. Write a perfect piece of content and then set your mind point on marketing. Use social networks, email outreach, and try to reach quality niche influencers with web content. You can also hunt for similar content online and let individuals who linked to your post.

    6. Do your homework on local directory websites; there are still numerous best ones that can help your online portal. You ought to look at the quality of online portals being linked out to, editorial requirements of directory and the age of the directory. Keep in your mind; in search engine optimization you can be banned by directory so steer clear of worst neighborhoods.

    7. Be creative. If you are not searching for new methods to improve your online portal and site rankings, you are going to be playing bad game. Take your expertise of your business and use it to solve common issues, answer general questions, and provide a perfect manner of doing things.

While I have simply scraped the surface of where and what does work well, if you take your precious time to master the tactics above, you will definitely see a great increase in leads and traffic to your online portal.

Written by Deepa Sharma